Los Sandy’s // COMING SOON

Joy is a family business

Julia, a Mexican immigrant and widow with seven children, must leave her family home of 18 years. Despite the uncertainty ahead, her children offer hope with their unique musical talent.


Escaping poverty in Mexico, Julia had a lifelong dream of being able to own her own land, and make a peaceful life there with her family. But, fate had different plans for Julia. Shortly after the birth of her seventh child, her husband Enrique dies from an aneurysm—leaving Julia as the primary breadwinner, working in the scorching fields of California’s farmlands. On top of this great loss, her low wages, and constant fears of deportation, Julia and her children must leave their family home of 18 years after her landlord decides to sell the property.

But, at the heart of this mild-mannered yet vivacious household is one of the hottest bands in California’s Central Valley: Los Sandy’s, a Mexican folk band formed by Enrique that featured his five elder children. Playing the songs of their rich heritage, and carrying on their father’s musical vision after his death, the children devotedly help their mother sustain the family with all they earn. Still, lacking rights and resources, they must face life’s harsh realities, leave their memories behind, and start anew.

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